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Features FAQ

Q: Can I have multiple devices under a single subscriber?

Yes! If you choose one of our Family plans, you can use the service from two different devices because you will be assigned two phone numbers. If you have a plan that includes a VoxBox, you can also register your service on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also set your phone number to forward to a different device. You can use your ImpactConnect number with your cellular phone, tablet or computer via the ImpactConnect App.

Q: Does ImpactConnect provide 911 service?

Yes. ImpactConnect provides E911 service to all customers. E911 service has some differences from the typical phone company 911 service. Details about our E911 service are available at

Q: Is ImpactConnect portable?

ImpactConnect lets you call the way you want and works wherever you go. With the ImpactConnect App, or the ImpactConnect VoxBox and a standard telephone, you can use ImpactConnect anywhere you have an active Internet connection or cellular signal. You can also use ImpactConnect with CellConnect, which is automatically included with every plan. CellConnect allows you to call from up to 3 other registered phones (including cell phones that do not have smartphone capabilities).

Q: Can I use my service overseas?

Yes. Calls made using cellular data though may be subject to international roaming charges from your carrier. If it all possible use Wi-Fi or a wired networks when available.

Q: Can I block callers from calling me?

Call Blocking is a feature available on most ImpactConnect plans. You can block specific callers from calling your ImpactConnect number through the MyAccount portal. Under Answering Rules, select allow and block numbers in the upper right hand corner. This will generate a pop-out window to designate the numbers to be blocked.

Q: What is Impact CellConnect?

Impact CellConnect is a service that allows you to make calls from your cell phone as well as from almost any other phone. You can use Impact CellConnect from your cell phone without dialing any PIN Numbers. You can also use the service from a hotel phone, a friend's house or even your office. Now you can make international calls while on the go!

With Impact CellConnect you can register up to four phone numbers including your cell. You can also set up OneTouch Dialing and get your own personal local access numbers to quickly reach friends and family members around the world.

Impact CellConnect is activated immediately after you sign-up. No need to wait, you can start using it right away from your registered phones.

Q: Do I have to change my cell phone provider to use the CellConnect Service?

No. CellConnect Service can be used simply by dialing our access number from your cell phone. Just follow the prompts and dial the desired number to start saving on international calls. You can have any cell phone provider and use our CellConnect service.

Q: What are the access numbers for CellConnect?

Find your local access numbers for Canada:

City Access Number Province
Banff 5878839862 AB
Calgary 5873164851 AB
Calgary 4034440488 AB
Edmonton 5874098182 AB
Abbotsford 7787710471 BC
Kelowna 7787601147 BC
New Westminster 6042566767 BC
Victoria 7784034217 BC
Oakbank 2048171618 MB
St. John's 7097015946 MB
Halifax 9024067612 NS
Acton 2268289867 ON
Ajax-Pickering 2892755604 ON
Ancaster 2892042215 ON
Athens 6139279988 ON
Guelph 2267804898 ON
Hamilton 9053901476 ON
London 2262714548 ON
Oshawa 2892745743 ON
Ottawa 6134824091 ON
Toronto 4165942496 ON
Windsor 2267734447 ON
Beloeil 4506000662 QC
Chicoutimi 5812210654 QC
Drummondville 8198033103 QC
Ile-Perrot 4387001898 QC
Montreal 4387948118 QC
Quebec 5817011266 QC
Regina 3069931862 SK
Toll-Free* 8557343226 Toll-Free*

*Please note, the use of the toll-free access number will result in a 2 cents surcharge per minute.

Q: How do I register my phone number with CellConnect?

CellConnect allows you to register up to 3 additional numbers with your account. You'll be able to place calls without having to enter a PIN number when using Impact's CellConnect service from those numbers.

To register a number, simply log on to My Account and select My Services from the left side menu.