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ImpactConnect is the best combination of savings and quality.

Compare ImpactConnect

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There are many options for local and long distance calling, but there is nothing like ImpactConnect

If you are researching affordable local and long distance calling options, you’ve run across many different providers. These other services are frequently known for insufficient support, difficult installations, high prices and low reliability and low quality. Many don’t offer options for international calling and others charge you for hardware to make their service work.

ImpactConnect puts you in control of your calls

ImpactConnect puts an end to all those problems with a simple, dependable service that delivers high quality calls at a lower price. ImpactConnect is easy to install, easy to use and will save you money starting in your first month.

No other phone service combines quality, convenience and savings like ImpactConnect

Don’t waste time or money with phone services that don’t offer the best value, don’t support their customers or require you to purchase unnecessary hardware. The best value in calling is ImpactConnect – the easy way to call around the country and the world. Click here to see our calling plans and start making calls with a company you can trust.